Learning Objectives

By the end of the program the participant will be able to:

  • Reflect constructively on the nature of leadership and the role of leaders in the building of organizational capacity and resilience;
  • Understand the role of leaders in shaping and engaging teams that advance institutional vision and mission and the knowledge to use that understanding effectively;
  • Identify key concepts, directions, and expert resources in finance, human resources, facilities, collections, partnerships, community development, and technology;
  • Develop and manage effective relationships and collaborations with boards and governments;
  • Develop and manage relationships and partnerships with staff, community, partners, and members, and foster appreciation of value, benefits and risks of strategic initiatives;
  • Identify and understand their personal leadership strengths, their growth and mentoring needs, and their potential and responsibility to mentor others;
  • Knowledgeably engage in communities of practice with other professionals and research leaders.

2021–2022 Schedule

The full instructional schedule is provided after registration. The preliminary schedule has been established for 2021-2022:
  • May 2022 – Edmonton
  • January 2023 with OLA Super Conference – GTA (graduation)

Current & Former Instructors

  • Lita Barrie, CEO, Burlington Public Library
  • Barbara Clubb, former CEO, Ottawa Public Library
  • Åsa Kachan, Chief Librarian, Halifax Public Libraries
  • Pilar Martinez, CEO, Edmonton Public Library
  • Wendy Newman, Senior Fellow (retired), Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
  • Rebecca Raven, Executive Director, Canadian Federation of Library Associations and former CEO, Brampton Library
  • Ken Roberts, consultant and former CEO, Hamilton Public Library
  • Maureen Sawa, CEO, Greater Victoria Public Library
  • John Krastka and Patrick Sweeney, EveryLibrary
  • Panels of CEOs from libraries near site visits are also presenters from time to time
Host libraries have included:
  • Brampton
  • Burlington
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Greater Victoria
  • Halifax
  • Hamilton
  • Markham
  • Richmond
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Vaughan
  • Winnipeg?
  • Cuyahoga County
  • Washington DC
  • Chicago