Learning Objectives

This part-time professional certificate program is designed for seasoned library managers looking to enhance their knowledge and leadership skills. By the end of the program the participant will be able to:

  • Reflect constructively on the nature of leadership and the role of leaders in the building of organizational capacity and resilience;
  • Understand the role of leaders in shaping and engaging teams that advance institutional vision and mission and the knowledge to use that understanding effectively;
  • Identify key concepts, directions, and expert resources in finance, human resources, facilities, collections, partnerships, community development, and technology;
  • Develop and manage effective relationships and collaborations with boards and governments;
  • Develop and manage relationships and partnerships with staff, community, partners, and members, and foster appreciation of value, benefits and risks of strategic initiatives;
  • Identify and understand their personal leadership strengths, their growth and mentoring needs, and their potential and responsibility to mentor others;
  • Knowledgeably engage in communities of practice with other professionals and research leaders.

2018–2020 Schedule

Where possible effort is being made to pair site visits with library conferences to assist in minimizing travel expenses for participants. Instructional sessions are offered in conjunction with site visits and they are recorded for online access. The full instructional schedule is provided after registration. The preliminary schedule has been established for 2018–2020:
    • October 3 & 4 – Calgary
    • January 28 & 29 with OLA Super Conference – Vaughan
    • Week of April 29 or May 6 – Halifax
    • Week of ALA – June 2019 – Washington, DC Area (with EveryLibrary)
    • Fall 2019 – Lower Mainland BC
    • January 2020 with OLA Super Conference – Toronto Public Library (graduation)

    Current & Former Instructors

    • Lita Barrie, CEO, Burlington Public Library
    • Barbara Clubb, former CEO, Ottawa Public Library
    • Åsa Kachan, Chief Librarian, Halifax Public Libraries
    • Pilar Martinez, CEO, Edmonton Public Library
    • Wendy Newman, Senior Fellow (retired), Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
    • Rebecca Raven, CEO, Brampton Library
    • Ken Roberts, consultant and former CEO, Hamilton Public Library
    • Maureen Sawa, CEO, Greater Victoria Public Library
    • Panels of CEOs from libraries near site visits are also presenters from time to time
    The application form is available: PLLeaders 2018 Registration