About PLLeaders

In the 21st Century, public libraries and their leaders will face unique issues that warrant focused thought, research, discussion and visioning. The Public Library Leaders (PLLeaders) program is about the future of public libraries and the changing communities they serve.

The goal of the PLLeaders program is to contribute to the vitality and success of public libraries and the diverse communities they serve well into the 21st century, by positioning public library professionals to be proactive, effective voices in the global information environment.

This program is designed to expose and engage library managers who have the desire and potential for highest levels of leadership in public libraries to themes, experiences and current leaders to augment their preparedness.

Here is what the current library leaders are saying about the PLLeaders program:

“The PLLF program was created to support the development of strategic senior library administrators who can better identify, understand and manage the issues that public library systems will face in the coming years. With the role of public libraries at a crossroads, the need for this type of professional development program is even more critical than ever.”

– Sandra Singh, Chief Librarian,
Vancouver Public Library

“Finally, a program that offers the right balance of instructional learning, hands-on library experience, mentoring, and peer interaction. The PLLF program is worth the investment.”

– Wendy Newman, Senior Fellow,
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

“The PLLF program teaches public library leaders succession planning techniques and equips them with the necessary tools to help ensure the vitality, relevance and growth of Canadian public libraries in the changing communities they serve.” 

– Catherine Biss, Past Chair, Canadian Urban Libraries Council
CEO, Markham Public Library